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Capture customers on the go at the exact moment they need you: on their phone.
When you activate your mobile site you will finally:
--Give users easy, quick access by clicking on your phone number
--Show them how to find you and how to get to your store.
--They’ll have all your information right in the palm of their hand.
--Have automatic conversion and synchronization
--Have mobile navigation menu & buttons
--A site that works across all mobile platforms
--And that is compatible with mobile rotate


It's estimated that nearly 50% of all searches are performed on a mobile device - even when a desktop PC is available nearby.
If your customer is using a mobile device and searching for you, they are more likely willing to visit a mobile optimized website. They are already on a mobile device and ready to do business - why not make it easier for them?

A Site Should Be Easy To Navigate
A mobile website should be simple and have your information at the fingertips  At CrazySimpleMobile, we can provide your visitors easy CALL TO ACTION buttons like: "Click-To-Call" and "Click-To-Navigate". They are already mobile, they found you; now let's get them to call or visit you, right now, while they have you in the palm of their hand.

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