Mobile website



See how your mobile site looks before you buy it.


It couldn’t be any simpler than that. It’s Crazy Simple!


When you go mobile you will finally have:

• A phone number users can call immediately
• Quick navigation to reach your location
• A weekly statistics report emailed to you
• Synchronization of site updates from your desktop to mobile
• Met the 2015 mobile search engine standards


Go to the FREE TRIAL button and plug in your URL. In seconds you’ll see what every phone or tablet user wants to know about your products and services.




Your Mobile WebSite In Seconds

Simply type the URL of your existing website and press the GO Mobile button.

Desktop To Mobile Synchronization

Updates from your existing website automatically synchronize to your mobile.

Meets New Mobile Requirements

Crazy Simple Mobile meets all April 2015 mobile-friendly search engine standards.


With the Click-to-Call feature, mobile users can contact you with the push of a button.


With the Click-to-Navigate feature, mobile users can find you and drive to your door.

Statistics Report

Receive weekly statistics reports on visits, page views, map clicks, and call clicks.

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